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Anti-Cold High Visibility nylon Latex Coated Work Gloves

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Outer Material: Latex
Usage: Gardening
Material: Velvet Lining Latex

Material : Latex with warm fleece inside
Size : S,M,L,XL
Feature : Anti-cold, Warm, Waterproof, Anti-Skid


-STAY SAFE AND PROTECTED: The cut resistant gloves meet the highest standard for level 5 cut resistance. Made of highly cut-resistant materials, the gloves are multiple times stronger than ordinary gloves, protecting your hands from being injured by sharp knives, peelers, graters and zesters.

-COMFORTABLY WORN LIKE A SECOND SKIN: The breathable, highly-elastic and light-weighted cut resistant gloves fit your hands perfectly, helping you finish your tasks safer and faster.

-IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE USES: The cut resistant gloves are perfect for cutting/slicing/peeling in the kitchen, gardening, home renovation and improvement, wood carving, oyster shucking, carpentry, handling glass and tools, simple industrial manufacturing, etc.

-SAFE TO WASH : This kind of gloves are safe to wash and machine washable. (Washing in a dish machine is not recommended). Air dry after sanitizing.