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Ankle Support Socks Compression Anti Sprain

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Material: Fabric Composite SBR Neoprene
Brand Name: Balight
Model Number: ankle support

Ankle Support Socks Men Women Lightweight Breathable Compression Anti Sprain Left / Right Feet Sleeve Heel Cover Protective Wrap


1.This ankle support feels lightweight, comfortable, moisture wicking and breathable

2.The professional strap can add the pressure on your ankle to prevent the sprain

3.The sweat flows on the ankle pad, but it will wick away your sweat quickly to keep your skin dry and get rid of the uncomfortable feeling due to the sweat

4.Worried that your feet will be too hot wrapping this ankle support? The hole on the heel can solve your problem by releasing the hot air and will not trap the sweat when you are exercising

5.Suitable for people who is recovering the ankle after the injury or people who like cycling, climbing, running, fitness, ball game and so on

6.Notice:This is only 1 piece ankle support, not 1 pair of ankle pads. Please notice this before ordering

7.Wrap your ankle with this ankle support at will, so that you could find the perfect size for yourself. Stretch your feet comfortably under the protection of the ankle support

8.Notice:This ankle support has the difference between your left foot and right foot. Please notice this before ordering

Size:S: 35-38 shoe

size M: 39-41 shoe

size L: 42-45 shoe

size XL: 45-48 shoe 

Package include:1pc