3 AntiStress Magnetic Rings

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are the trendy game for back to school. Warm up your fingers because you will be able to multiply the figures with these multicolored magnetic rings!
ROLLING FINGERS: Tricks to Infinity Thanks to its Magnetic Rings of Colors Here is a game which breaks all the limits! The Rolling Fingers magnetic rings should not only calm your nerves, but also improve your skill and dexterity. They allow a wide range of games and impressive tricks with unlimited spinning possibilities. The goal was to create an object that offers more creative freedom to the user. it succeeded ! Designed to be fully modular, these rings allow you to make freestyle combinations and thus create your own style. Several games have already been invented for pure fun times. Start a game of Billiards, improvise a game of Air Hockey or Retro Flipper, and many other games in which you can challenge your friends. Build your own single player games and effectively relax anytime of the day. You can also create cool shapes to stick on the magnet surfaces. ransforms into a multiplayer game Suitable for children and adults. There is no age to work on your creativity! To take everywhere with you Characteristics: Dimensions: Ø inside: 1.8 cm Ø outside: 3.1 X 1.4 cm Weight: 8 gr Material: ABS plastic + Magnetic magnet Color: Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green Content: x3 Magnetic rings Rolling Fingers Recommended age: +3 year